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Steph Magenta is Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher. She is the Founder of Seven Directions®Breathwork and Co-Founder of Integrative Breath; two reputable certified breathwork training schools.

Steph started out by finding herself in crisis having to heal her own serious substance addiction over forty years ago. From there, she began a personal quest into what it means to be truly ‘healthy’ in mind, body and spirit recognising that you cannot heal the symptoms without identifying the source. This ‘quest’ led her to opening four of her own clean food and juice bar businesses in 2 countries, the establishment of 2 healing centres, and training in bodywork and additional multiple somatic therapies (auricular acupuncture, TRE, the Wheel of Consent, Yoga Nidra, lymph drainage massage, remedial massage).

Steph has a reputable background in research and development in relation to substance misuse and addiction. All of her work holds a strong focus on grounded, embodied ways of healing trauma stored in the body, using her wide range of experience in somatic modalities, the power of presence, and by building a strong awareness of our ‘inner dialogue’.

Her training in Oxygen Advantage® compliments her passion for the bridge connecting human consciousness with science; both of which are important to her. The functional breathing aspect of Oxygen Advantage maintains the important foundations of her work.

She is a mother of three grown up children and understands how much many of us have to juggle in life to just stay afloat!

Steph works online and in person. Work with clients wanting to connect the relationship between their breath and their lived experience to create healthier ways of living and being, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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