Stephan Prötzel


  • Germany



Hello! My Name is Stephan Prötzel and I am from Bavaria in Germany. I am a medical doctor and through the years of practicing medicine in different hospitals and different specialities I have become more and more interested in treating the root cause of disease.

There is lots of scientific evidence that lifestyle modifications can treat many diseases effectively or prevent them from occurring in the first place and right breathing is a huge component here.

This is why I was drawn to the Oxygen Advantage Instructor Course since no one understands the science of breathing better than Patrick McKeown. I have been fascinated by the course and have experienced what correct breathing can do for you first hand.

As your breathing coach I look to combine my knowledge of western medicine, with the science of lifestyle medicine, with the Oxygen Advantage Breathing Method. Since I am also a certified Athletic Truth Group Coach (created by Ben Patrick, aka the kneesovertoesguy), and a Wim Hof Method Instructor I can offer you a holistic approach to curing many diseases related to breathing and the musculoskeletal system or optimizing your state of wellbeing.

I think it is time for a revolution in how we think about and treat diseases and I invite you to become part of it!

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