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‘‘Re-training my own dysfunctional breathing pattern has helped me understand the importance of breath training for improved focus, reducing anxiousness & the ability to self-regulate, amongst many other benefits.’’

Spending years dancing and performing I can now reflect back on (& see in photos) how much I was mouth breathing at the time, contributing to anxiety and recovery after performances.

Since 2015 I have worked in the NHS & privately with clients experiencing a variety of respiratory & health issues. As a physiotherapist, working across multiple adult specialities & more recently in children’s physiotherapy.

Practicing breathwork for my personal journey and healing in 2022 has been life-changing. At the time practices I engaged in didn’t make sense & more often didn’t have the science behind them I was looking for. Coming across Patrick’s work, the Buteyko Method & Oxygen Advantage has given me just that and feels like the knowledge I was missing.

As a Functional Breath Coach & Physiotherapist my focus is around preventative heath & supporting clients in changing underlying patterns. Working towards strong foundations of breathing health, sleep quality, functional movement & nourishing the body.

‘‘Health is the foundation upon which we create our life.’’

The Breathing Way was founded in 2023 and is a space for clients to work with and learn how to adapt their breathing for sleep, wellness, health & performance benefits. I work primarily in Cambridgeshire (UK) and offer 1-1 online coaching sessions for adults & children globally.

Free 20 minute consultation bookable above to see how breath training & I can personally support you.

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