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My name is Stephanie Sangster. In 2020, I decided to quit my job and start my brand: Ssyoga. I am a certified Krama Vinyasa teacher with multiple hours of practice in Yin and Therapeutic Yoga. I am also a Reiki Master and am currently in the process of getting certified in rebirthing breathing.

I am a communicator by profession, and for many years I worked in advertising agencies, where the pace and pressure of everyday life led me to suffer high levels of stress and anxiety. In my search to calm my mind and connect with my body, to give it back its stability, I found yoga, and with that, I got to know my breathing and the importance it has in every function of my body.

Seeing how my overall health improved, I researched more about it and completed the breathwork fundamentals course with Dan Brule. Something important I understood in the process is that to take advantage of all the techniques I was learning, including the pranayamas I was learning in yoga, I needed to go to the base and relearn how to breathe. This is how my interest in understanding the correct way of breathing increased, and I wanted to go further by sharing it with others and helping them find their breathing again. I currently live in Lima, Peru, and I teach online classes in Peru, USA, and Spain. I teach face-to-face classes in Lima as well.

Coming from a work environment with very high-stress peaks and seeing how it can affect health, I understand what it means to live in survival mode and how easy it is to stay there, just existing. Through my classes and sessions, we learn to get in touch with our body, feel our breath, and use it as a tool to calm our nervous system.

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