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Stephen Williams


A somatic educator (B.A. M.A. MAT) working with movement-based neurological learning, and breathing, Steve established his practice in Somatic Therapy and Namikoshi Shiatsu in 1986. He is located in Honolulu, and is a Hawaii resident since 1976.

A former Division 1 NCAA athlete, Steve applied his work experience toward his own recovery from injury in 2008. ” …I was still limping 2 years after a bike accident, so I took what I knew and began to run again, after 40 years!” That eventually led to a 2nd place finish @ 2012 Boston Marathon (age div) & 1st place @ 2012 Honolulu Marathon; followed by U.S. National Titles in 2015 (USATF/Outdoor 10,000m) and 2017 (USATF/Outdoor 5000m & 10,000m). “Achievements and accolades are nice, but so is seeing others you’ve worked with overcome adversities and thrive… that’s memorable too… especially when they cross a room or parking lot just to say ‘thanks’!”

Steve works with individuals, of all ages and backgrounds, primarily through movement awareness (Feldenkrais ATMs) & breath-work (Oxygen Advantage) “Those years, since 2009…they reshaped my entire practice. The physical benefits are many, but it’s the neuroscience-possibilities that intrigue me the most!”