Stuart Dicke
South Africa


  • South Africa


I discovered and fell in love with holding my breath over 40 years ago. I have pursued sports that require this skill ever since. From snorkeling as a child, I progressed onto spearfishing, underwater hockey and big wave surfing.

I have represented both South Africa and Great Britain at different underwater hockey World Championships while in my 20’s, and at age 45 (after a long lay-off pursuing other activities) was selected to again represent South Africa at Elite level for World Championships in 2020. I still regularly spearfish, love to trail run and spend my free time chasing down the best big waves Cape Town surf spots have to offer. Breath hold and working with oxygen efficiency is very much part of my DNA.

I am sports conditioning coach and injury rehab specialist with almost 20 years experience. I run a busy private practice in Cape Town. I have always intuitively understood the benefits of correct breathing to revolutionize my clients’ athletic performance and now with Oxygen Advantage training I help clients understand the science behind it.

Through breath re-education and my sports-specific exercise programmes my clients report noticeable increases to endurance and performance; along with fewer injuries and quicker recovery times.

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