Stuart MacRae


  • Australia
As the founder and co-owner of Seated Massage, a national Corporate Massage business in Australia, Stu has been involved in wellbeing for more than 20 years.

Stu has a less is more approach to life in general. And he has a deep fascination with paths to wellbeing that just make sense. The power of utilising our breath for health and performance through breathing re-education just makes such simple sense as does the beauty of positive touch.

Enter Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage and the Buteyko breathing method trainings.

As a result of studying both and applying the principles of their functional and performance breathing, Stu no longer requires the anxiety medication he was on for the past few years, has dramatically improved his sleep and concentration levels and as a keen endurance athlete (trail runner and fastpacker), is reaping the incredible fitness, longevity and recovery benefits that have ensued as a result.

Anxiety, sleep, panic, depression and performance (for both physical exercise and in business) are the areas specifically that Stu is most interested in applying breathing re-education for teens and adults.

Stu feels it’s a privilege to help others in their quest for greater health. Showing them that it all starts with a simple light, slow and deep breath.

Stu works mostly online with his 1:1 clients and through his business ‘Seated Massage’ provides basic online Breathing re-education get started packages for corporate clients and their people.

Get in touch with Stu anytime. The first step is to see if you’re a good fit for each other.

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