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Hello. You’ve found your breath. I’m really glad for you.

I found Oxygen Advantage and Functional Breathing through my reading as I studied to become a Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator. For me, it completed the picture and then created a whole new picture in its own right. I was amazed at the power of Functional Breathing. It now underpins all my work.

As well as being a certified Breathwork Facilitator I’m trained and experienced in several therapies including Emotional Freedom Technique and Reference Point Therapy. I also had a vegan restaurant for 7 years along the way.

My 15 years’ experience of helping people to improve their lives using these tools has taught me lots, including that I didn’t pay enough attention to the body. Functional Breathing not only fills that gap but brings a whole new dimension to my work and sits perfectly with my other tools.  Studying the breath and learning to apply Functional Breathing has brought renewed passion for my work which I’d love to share with you.

I love to work one-to-one or in groups and I offer OA Functional Breathing classes and private sessions both on-line to anywhere in the world, and in person around the North West of England.

If private sessions are what you’re looking for I’m happy to work with whatever you bring, tailoring a program to your needs and desired outcomes. These might involve sleep difficulties, fitness goals, a desire to enhance your wellbeing, a yearning for an increased feeling of connection, asthma issues, anxiety, and so on – the list is endless.

Classes can be tailored, too, geared towards well-being or fitness performance, or a bespoke blend of both.

You can find me at the email or phone number below.

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