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I am a yoga teacher, therapist & breath coach. I gained a Masters in philosophy & then travelled for a number of years before entering the corporate world as a financial fraud investigator. I gave that up 8 years ago to become a full-time yoga teacher.

My approach to teaching is to eliminate clients’ physical and mental holding patterns, negative beliefs & habits to optimise health and well-being. I use a combination of techniques to do this including yoga, bioenergetics, TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), sound, meditation and, of course, breath coaching.

I have studied & taught yoga breathing for years. I am fascinated by the breath’s capacity to transform and to induce states of mind. However, before you start exploring breath you need to be breathing functionally and a lot of clients when they arrive with me are not. I trained in The Oxygen Advantage so I can provide people with an understanding of breath, address dysfunctional breathing patterns & restore natural, healthy breath. It gives them a base from which to study other breathing techniques. And quite often restoring breath via the Oxygen Advantage technique is catalyst enough for the changes they seek.

I work with people from all backgrounds and for a variety of reasons. From people with chronic conditions & mental health issues, to people who wish to explore meditation via yoga and breath. I also work with athletes looking to improve their performance through yoga, meditation, & breath. I trained in Sports Yoga with Sarah Ramsden (Man United FC yoga coach).

I am based in Hertfordshire near London UK but work predominantly online.

Hertfordshire, London, Online

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