Sylvia Keijzer
Spain, Switzerland


  • Spain
  • Switzerland



I train companies and sporters how to reduce stress and increasing performance with breathwork.

Nothing as powerful as working with the strength of your own breath. It’s easy but not simple. It’s solid and fluid. It’s always with you and present.

I wished I would have realized earlier, the endless power and capacities of my own breath. In all those years working in international corporations, during the preparation for my running races or hikes in the mountains or as a child diagnosed with asthma.

I was present but not really there. I was breathing but not efficiently. I was doing but missing focus and concentration. Gladly I know better now, and training others how to level up their performance using their own breath.

I offer:

  • Company Breathwork trainings and masterclasses
  • Individual Breathwork sessions
  • Athletes Team Training
  • Coaching sessions
  • Vinyasa & Yin Yoga online
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