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Hi, I’m Tania Gibson. I have taught group exercise for over 25 years. I am Certified as an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, Childrens and Hatha Yoga Instructor and I am registered as a New Zealand Exercise Professional.

My career commenced in 2004 as an aerobics instructor and from there I proceeded to teach Pilates, Pump, Aquafitness, Yoga and now Breathwork. I present a fusion of, what I deem, the best of these modalities. I am especially passionate about teaching young people about how they can respect and get the best from their body. Postural decline is prevalent as is anxiety and obesity in our young people and I want this to change. The breath underpins all aspects of wellbeing it dictates postural alignment, stabilizes mental and cognitive functions and internally moves us. The Oxygen Advantage functional breathing programme is accessible to all body types and ages, no equipment needed, no medicines and it works!

My signature programme is Stand tall and breathe, a programme I have developed for schools. It is a four session programme delivered across four weeks.

I teach one on ones, groups, and teams in a variety of locations in Christchurch, New Zealand. Online sessions are also available.

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