Tanja Jørgensen


  • Denmark
I am a physio with more than 12 years of experience working with athletes on all levels, clients with acute or chronic pain, clients living with cancer and clients recovering from cancer. I am working in my own practice. My main focus working with a ​client is to optimize movement and function, longevity, quality of life and performance​. I combine different approaches including the Oxygen Advantage®, Be Activated and the latest techniques in Neuroscience and Neuromuscular Therapies. I am passionatet about helping people to understand how amazing their bodies are and, with a few tools, how quickly they can change emotional states and override muscle tension and stress in their own body and mind and optimize their performance.

I am a former high level soccer player struggling with injuries like chronic achilestendon pain, and groin pain related to dysfunctional breathing. By exercising the Oxygen Advantage® and the Be Activated Neuromuscular Therapy and Training I am pain free, my breathing is functional and my ​movements are optimized. I am able to perform on highest level as a physio and a passionated ​runner.

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