Tate Gronow
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Tate is a Breathwork Coach passionate about using therapeutic and functional breathing practices to heal the mind and body and move into a state of deep transformation. She is both an Oxygen Advantage instructor and spent six months training with Alan Dolan.

Tate believes that any dis-ease within the body should be acknowledged in the context of the entire person and their lifestyle, working with the breath through all aspects of someone’s life: the everyday, physical exercise, sleep and emotional state. Breathwork offers a foundational practice upon which one can regulate the nervous system, untangle negative thought patterns and behaviours and in turn change the body and external world for the better. Tate also loves cold water swimming, being in nature, journaling and Neural Manifestation practices and weaves these into her teachings where possible.

Now, she works across South Devon and North Cornwall holding both in-person and online one-to-ones and group workshops.

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