Teo Pop
Germany, Romania


  • Germany
  • Romania


Hello, I’m Teo!

I’m a breathwork coach and personal trainer.

I teach you how to maximize your life through conscious breathing and Oxygen Advantage techniques!

Hack your body and mind!

Breathwork is an experience I facilitate, where you clear and calm your mind to achieve peak performance or simply deal with stress.

You’ll learn to regulate your breathing, leading to improved well-being.

These breathing techniques provide you with tools to benefit in various areas, including managing pain, anxiety, enhancing intuition, creativity, self-esteem, and more.

You integrate awareness, relaxation, and energy through proven breathing exercises.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I have a passion and love for people, helping them discover their own perfection. I am empathetic but also encourage people to go beyond their limits.

While I take my work seriously, my sense of humor helps me overcome stressful situations that people face. I help them recover. For this, I act with structure and respond intuitively, always offering new perspectives.

My experience as a teacher and my psychology studies awakened my interest in people and the desire to understand and discover what I truly want from life. Thus began my journey of self-discovery and exploring the world. Since then, I have participated in numerous courses, workshops, and training for personal development and coaching.

Breathwork is something special for me. It opened my vision to a powerful tool we all possess, which is our breath. I have delved into the fascination of breathing and trained with many masters, including Dan Brule (author of the book “Just Breathe”), Patrick Mckeown (Oxygen Advantage), and Tony Robbins.

The ability to breathe became my greatest strength in maintaining balance amidst life’s storms.

Through Breathwork I learned to optimize my well-being and overcome my own limitations. I have found my mission in this world: spreading the importance and benefits of Breathwork.

So, are you ready to enhance your human experience in all areas of life?

Let’s breathe and chill!

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