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With a background in dental hygiene, I practice orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT), helping teenagers & adults breathe, sleep, chew & swallow more comfortably. Healthy breathing sets the foundation for proper oral rest & function. Having observed the effects of dysfunctional breathing in family members and its impact on craniofacial growth and dental health, I sought out opportunities to deepen my knowledge about breathing. I have enjoyed augmenting this aspect of my practice including reading all of Patrick McKeown’s books, listening to his podcasts and keeping up with other new books, research and information.

My online practice has grown with the enhanced ability to help clients acquire functional breathing habits, whether for the healthcare worker challenged to breathe behind the respirator or to reduce incidence of sleep disordered breathing. In many hours of sleep study, it was the Oxygen Advantage® who introduced the concept of flow as critical in considering airway obstruction. Additionally, I have observed the positive effects of breathing light, slow and deep on the parasympathetic nervous system, contributing to successful outcomes in myofunctional therapy. Merging the sciences of OMT & Oxygen Advantage® breathing has helped clients gain profound results faster.

I have a Master of Science in Health Studies, am a Certified Health Education Specialist and a Certified Intrinsic Coach®. This education and the related experiences along with teaching dental hygiene at a local university provide the platform for helping clients prevent or reduce parafunctional habits and appreciate a better quality of life.

Functional movement begins with functional breathing. Even in the head & neck!

Residence: Dallas, Texas, USA

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