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As many as 80% of adults have some form of dysfunctional breathing.

Breathing dysfunction can have negative effects on how you feel, move, and perform. Tiredness, achy muscles, stress, anxiety, cold hands and feet, the feeling of not being able to breathe deeply, headaches, panic attacks, broken sleep, and poor focus and concentration are just some of the signs that you need to take look at how you are breathing. These issues have a direct impact on general well-being, health, and sporting performance. Breathwork can help you correct these issues through simple, quick, and safe exercises to supercharge the way you feel.

You breathe between 17,000 and 29,000 times per day or 6 to 10 million breaths per year. Mastering one of the most powerful mechanisms in our body can have a tremendous impact on both well-being and performance. Because we breathe continuously 24 hours a day, the changes and training possibilities are endless.

Thomas, also known as The Breath Coach is a Breathing Coach with a Sports Science and Personal Training background. Thomas’ ethos and approaches to life are very simple– he has a passion to help others find healthier and happier lives by enabling those to feel mentally and physically stronger through breathing, movement, and connection to nature. Breathwork and in particular the Oxygen Advantage is the single most powerful and freely available tool he’s found to achieve optimal health and performance and he’s excited to tell everyone about it!

Thomas works with a whole range of people looking to change the way they breathe. Learning to breathe better can benefit everyone. From those looking to simply feel great to athletes looking to get an edge over their opponents, Thomas can help you. Do you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day? You can learn to breathe light, slow, and deep from the comfort of your own living room. Do you feel stressed and anxious? You too can learn to breathe light with an extended exhale to create calm and focus in any given situation or environment. Are you an athlete looking to increase your performance and recovery? You can incorporate some simple breath-holds into your existing training routines to simulate altitude training that gives you an advantage during competition.

Thomas’s 6-week courses are designed to empower individuals with the scientific and practical understanding of how your breathing affects you and how you can improve it to feel better or perform better at your sport. You will finish the course with the tools and knowledge to use in any given situation.

I coach 1-to-1 in person, 1-to-1 online, and in larger groups with those in the UK and around the world.

Thomas lives in Yorkshire, UK with his partner and 3 young children. He wants everyone to know how simply being aware of how we breathe has endless benefits. Breathwork has completely transformed Thomas’ life. He has experienced firsthand the huge improvement in his own wellbeing, sleep, performance, and recovery and he’s now dedicating his life to transforming others.

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