Thomas Williams


  • Australia


Tom is a physiotherapist working in Brisbane, Australia. Tom primarily works in a private practice, helping people with musculoskeletal, work place and sports related injuries. Additionally, he tutors at the University of Queensland, and he frequently runs workshops and seminars to provide education on the importance of breathing and sleeping within the context of sport, business productivity and lifestyle.

The through line to all of Tom’s work is the importance of breathing within all walks of life. Tom has been teaching breathing related drills for 3 years to national level athletes, grass roots athletes, physio students and entrepreneurs in the business world. Whilst the context is different, the basics remain the same.

Once you understand the basics of breathing, you can apply it across many domains. Whether it’s improving your athletic pursuits, engaging in improved learning practices or understanding how to control stress environments in the workplace, breathing is the most useful real time tool we have.

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