Tiff Wu


  • Germany


Tiff is a born and raised Taiwanese who later found her second home in Berlin, Germany.

With a diverse set of passions and endeavors of her own, Tiff has been on a journey to master her energy and time; having understood the power but also the challenges along the road, she is now on a mission to help people harness their energy and unlock their full potential to live their best lives. She offers group fitness and wellbeing classes, specializing in rhythm cycling and breathwork, all while advancing and navigating a career in the corporate world. Tiff’s sessions and practices take place primarily in person but she also offers various formats virtually, aiming to make wellbeing accessible.

Her journey into conscious breathing began as a personal mindfulness practice. Its profound impact led her to dive deeper into the field, embracing especially the science-backed oxygen advantage approach, as it supports and compliments her value and desire to empower people while being grounded in science.

Tiff’s aim is to empower everyday people to craft fulfilling routines that encompass fitness, breathwork, and beyond. Through these practices, we connect with and understand our inner selves, both the body and the mind. The result? Mastery over one’s energy, empowering you to thrive and lead your best life.

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