Tiffany O’Hearn
United States of America


  • United States of America


Tiffany has had the privilege of being a Stay-at-home Mom for the past few years. With the intention of re-entering the workforce, she took some time to reevaluate her career path. She has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. Immersing herself in learning how to be the best athlete, coach, and mom has been paramount to her growth. Upon getting her business off the ground, she fell head first into a journey of growth both professionally and personally. One of those was the power of the breath. She became transfixed by the power of it, by Patrick McKeown. Devouring his breath, she searched the internet for more. Discovering that she could teach this, bring this to more people, help transform them in ways they didn’t know were possible, it became her focus.

My passion truly lies in the breath. I am devoted to becoming the best instructor and practitioner in the breath, to help change lives, to influence performance in powerful ways.

Tiffany can be found in Agawam, MA USA.

I love to work with those that have an open heart and mind to inner transformation. Beyond those, helping athletes truly catapult themselves to their greatest potential.

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