Tiligada Nikoletta


  • Greece



My name is Tiligada Nikoletta and I am amazed by simplicity and immediacy. I studied surveying engineer at the University, continued with postgraduate studies and stayed in this field for 8 years. A dramatic event in 2006 shoved me to holistic approach and the fascinating discovery of words and concepts such as holistic approach and respiratory education. Those were fields unknown until then and rather disputed by my mathematical mind.  

Today, after many certifications, trainings, seminars and studies, I have become a respiratory education professional and I have the honor to support people through personal or group sessions. Ι am the administrator at Anapneusis (Center for Innovative Health Education Programs for Children and Adults) and originator of eurythmia breathwork (significantly powerful and effective breathwork technique). 

My intention is to provide high quality respiratory education services and my motivation is respect and admiration for the abilities of human, the awareness that human health depends on the harmonious coexistence of body, mind and spirit. My internal commitment is constant training and vigilance.

Stress and anxiety management, Immune system function, Sleep quality, Respiratory conditions, Hormonal disorders, Metabolism, Skin and gastrointestinal disorders, Chronic pains, Allergies, Autoimmune conditions, Body posture, Depression, Ability to concentrate, Self-confidence and self-management skills, Self – awareness, Athletic performance, Fatigue etc are frequent conditions which encourage people to have sessions.

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