Timmy Noad


  • Australia


A nature lover and adventurer, Timmy has spent the last 8 years working in Australia to travel Europe and America skydiving, BASE jumping and exploring other amazing parts of the world while playing in the elements.

During these times he suffered some near death experiences and severely traumatic injuries. In recovery and unable to do the things he loved he lost his sense of identity, became severely depressed and experienced suicidal ideations, something he had lived through younger in his life. These injuries were the catalyst that ultimately lead to his deep and continuing journey of self-enquiry and discovery.

In search for knowledge, he began working with plant medicines and ancient practices from across the globe to delve deeper into the mind, body and this human experience. Through this he discovered the most powerful medicine, the BREATH. Timmy immersed himself in his breathwork practices.

Working from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Timmy is a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and functional breathing instructor.

Bringing a holistic and science backed approach to assist people, using their breath, to learn the skills of self healing while also learning to breathe optimally for better health, sleep and performance in their chosen sport and/or day to to day life.

From first time breathers to professional athletes Timmy caters for all experience levels from large group settings of 50+, corporate mental health programs all the way down to 1-on-1 personalised breathing programs, both in-person and in an online setting via ZOOM.

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