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I have been teaching group fitness and personal training for over 25 years. I was an elite athlete specializing in the 100m, 200m, and long jump. I obtained the following certifications: ACSM Personal trainer, ICS Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, AFAA Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor, STOTT Pilates trainer and instructor, and BFR (blood flow restriction). I have a bachelor’s degree in Health & Wellness. I have successfully trained individuals of all ages with various goals, ranging from competitive bodybuilding to maintaining health, fighting disease, chronic pain, and various medical conditions. My Passion lies in teaching individuals to replace unhealthy lifestyle habits with healthy ones. I view each client as an individual with his or her own unique needs, which he strives to address in each Wellness training program. My approach to fitness is multifaceted, emphasizing personal awareness, proper body alignment, a muscle balance approach, mindfulness, and proper nutrition. Teaching preventative care is vital to living one’s best life.

I teach both online and in person. I Currently teach at Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in San Diego, and I have a small studio where I do my training clients both in person and online. 

I am a nose breather by default. However, I started using my nose as a primary way to take oxygen while teaching cycling in the studio about 15 years ago. 
I realized after a while that I had more stamina while riding and had a better recovery. To this day, I still practice nose breathing. 
I learned about the available breathing classes through talking to my client before Covid. At that point, I got very interested in enhancing my knowledge about breathing. I am very thankful to Patrick for his knowledge and Passion in breath work.

I love to work with people of all ages who require my expertise. Everyone has room for improvement. It is important to me to make positive changes in people’s life.

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