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My name is Tom Cooling and I am the head coach and founder of Horsepower Coaching. For over 15 years, I have been exploring the boundaries of physical performance and mental endurance in a wide variety of settings; military, long distance triathlon, cycle racing, through to competitive freediving. I have always sought to understand how the body and mind works so have spent many years educating myself in the depths of human physiology and athlete development – the most interesting area for me has always been the breath.

I have practiced yoga for many years and always knew it helped me reach higher highs in sport but never really understood why; that was until I started freediving and I witnessed how my cycling and running improved when I became better at holding my breath. Discovering the Oxygen Advantage and completing the Advanced Instructor course was a complete eureka moment for me, it all made sense and Patrick had the numerous studies to back it up.

I now offer OA breathwork and more freediving style practices to my coached athletes, some of whom have seen amazing results.

Horsepower Coaching is based in the South West of England but I teach remotely to clients all over the UK and abroad.

I am keen to work with anyone open minded who is looking to improve their physical triathlon, cycling or running performance.

If you would like to know more about how we can improve your performance, you can contact me either by email or through the website.

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