Tom Stijven


  • Belgium

 My name is Tom Stijven, born (1967) and raised in Belgium, Europe.

I do:

-corporate trainings for stressmanagement and burn-out prevention for leadership and employees.

-workshops and retraites where i teach people how to use their breath as the remote control for their brain and how to get out of your head and back in your body.

-1 on 1 coaching for athletes for better performance, for people dealing with PTSD, Burn-out or anxiety.

-lectures on the power of breathing.

Either in Dutch or English, in Belgium and abroad.


I got involved in breathwork when i had fibromyalgia, i was always fatigue and in pain and doctors couldn’t help me.

Then in 2014 i discovered the Wim Hof method and  i healed very fast, amazed by how it changed my life and it inspired me to become a WHM instructor.

I started my company Just Breathe! in 2015 and have been doing workshops, corporate trainings and 1on1 counseling while having a fulltime job working nightshifts.

In my quest for gathering knowledge i met Stig Severinsen and  i became a Breatheology Master instructor.

I read about Oxygen Advantage years ago and was always intriged by Patrick’s level of knowledge and his hands on practical approach.

So in the fall of 2021 i quit my job to become a self employed breathworker / breathcoach and made it a priority to do the online training with Patrick and got certified as an Oxygen Advantage instructor.

Just Breathe! is all about teaching people how to use their breath to control their mental and physical health.

Contact me and i will create a tailormade solution for your challenges.

Tom Stijven

Just Breathe!

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