Tomas Molloy


  • Australia


Tom Molloy is the Performance Director at ActivateBody. He is a breath, fitness and health expert, waterman, husband, father, and entrepreneur. Over the last decade Tom has mixed his passion of coaching with business and is now dedicated to coaching high performing professional teams and individuals in sports and business with one goal in mind: making an impact. Through his journey he has discovered that the first step in enhancing health, performance and longevity is to optimise our breathing.

Tom now has the privilege of sharing his knowledge and experience with others looking to help manage their stress, build resilience and improve their performance & health.

Tom has a great passion for helping others live a happy, healthy life, as exhibited through his work with non-profit organizations such as Surf Life Saving Australia, SugarByHalf, Movember and Tiwi Education Board. As for his personal life, Tom, his wife Dr Viktoria Molly and 3 children split time living in Noosa, travelling to clients around the world, staying in top shape, and continuing everyday adventures.

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