Tomi Räisänen


  • Finland



Tomi is a founder of Breathwork Finland. Tomi has been helping athletes and people from all walks of life as a massage and physiotherapist for almost two decades and has been working with thousands of clients during his career as a health care professional. Tomi used to work many years in private hospital and has been working with many National team level athletes, Finnish and Chinese women’s national ice hockey teams, Finnish Floorball National team and in many different sport events.

After experiencing how Breathwork has changed his own life and witnessing the amazing benefits his clients have gained using breathing exercises Tomi decided to focus 100% on Breathwork and works now as a full time Breathworker. By working with one-on-one clients for a very long time he has a unique way to sense clients needs and uses this skill in every encounter.

Tomi’s journey to Breathwork started many years ago when he realized that his breathing was totally inefficient though he had been a professional athlete. When Tomi started his own self improvement practices breathing exercises became an essential part of the his inner awareness training. Tomi’s path led to become a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and after that he continued his learning with a Breathwork pioneer Dan Brule and graduated as a Breath Mastery Practitioner. Later it was time for Oxygen Advantage training.

Tomi take’s life as a continuous learning experience and is constantly studying new modalities for self growth and new ways to improve his skills as a Breathworker. Oxygen Advantage training has offered him great new insights and improved his skills to understand how to deal with people who are suffering from different breathing and sleeping disorders and OA has also provided a solid foundation when working with athletes.

Tomi is teaching Breathwork to everyone who is interested and combines various techniques in his teaching. He is teaching individuals, groups, athletes, artists, teams and in the corporate world. Since Tomi used to be a professional ice hockey player himself he’s mission is also to bring the understanding and the benefits of Breathwork to as many athletes as possible.

”I practice what I preach. Observing my breath and different breathing exercises are an essential part of my everyday living. Breath awareness helps me to recognize my inner state and with different breathing exercises I can shift my state in minutes. I use breath to relax, calm myself down, boost my energy levels, as a meditative practice, for recovery and to improve my performance. I am thrilled to teach the amazing benefits of Oxygen Advantage to you, your team and to your company.”

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