Tony Sinclair


  • Australia


I’m super excited to share my knowledge of breathwork with you.

I lead an active lifestyle through running, surfing, playing rugby and mountain biking and swimming.

Working as a beach lifeguard for 25 plus years, I’ve had to hold my breath in intense hold down situations, and in the early days, often surfaced feeling stressed and panicked.

I didn’t understand that my everyday breathing habits influenced how long I could hold my breath.

I first became aware of how important correct breathing is when I opened a yoga studio and watched 100’s of students a day and the difference that breathing correctly makes.

Doing the Oxygen Advantage instructor course changed my life, not just improving my breath holds but my ability to manage stress, stay calm, to focus and sleep better.

The Services I provide as a breathwork Instructor are

· Sports Performance workshops

· Ocean Apnea workshops , building confidence in the water through the breath.

· Corporate workshops, managing stress, improving concentration.

· One on One sessions, focus on breathing to reduce Asthma symptoms, Anxiety and Stress

· Everything Breathing workshop, fundamentals of breathing, how to breath better and have more energy.

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