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‘The time is now. Change your life and thrive. One breath at a time’

Tracy Jane Sullivan is a certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach, Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor and one of the only Wellbeing Harpists in the world. Her 25 years as a singer and songwriter led to performances all around the world and as such, Tracy Jane is as much at home in front of a large audience – connecting with corporate groups or retreat communities – as she is holding intimate space for 1-1 sessions in person or on Zoom. Her unique set of skills has led to many collaborations with yoga teachers, artists and therapists both in the UK and abroad.

Just as breathwork is becoming widely recognised as a tool for cultivating resilience and focus whilst simultaneously healing both body and mind, research suggests that listening to live harp music can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, balance blood pressure, promote feelings of wellbeing and improve your sleep. Therefore, woven together, live harp music and breathwork can be a powerful synergistic blend.

A self-proclaimed breathwork geek, Tracy Jane is both a committed teacher and student of the breath, ever deepening her knowledge and continuing to learn from some of the finest breath coaches in the world.

“Breathwork is both and art and a science and I believe in working with the wellbeing and performance needs of the individual; empowering them with tools to take charge of their health and encouraging them to weave breathwork into their daily life in a meaningful, creative and enjoyable way. I work with humour, a cheeky grin, passion, patience and integrity and deeply care about providing my clients with the best, most up to date, science based techniques. Also, where appropriate, I draw upon ancient wisdom and traditions as well as incorporating live and recorded music. For addressing dysfunctional breathing patterns and simulating high altitude training through specific breath holding exercises, the Oxygen Advantage® method is my go to system as a coach. It’s particularly powerful in revolutionising fitness and sports performance as well as overall health and wellbeing.”

Therefore, if you wish to be more empowered, learn to manage anxiety, increase athletic performance, improve sleep, avoid burnout, boost your energy levels, balance your nervous system and digestion, harness creativity, get laser focused or learn to access the ‘flow’ state, then get in touch to book a complimentary discovery call. During the 20 min, online session you can ask questions and find out how professional breath coaching and support can benefit you or your team. I offer online courses and workshops on Zoom for national and international clients. In person enquiries are of course welcomed and facilitated where possible.

Location – Brighton/Worldwide.

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