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I am a Desert Storm veteran. As such I have had to overcome my share of physical issues over the last 30 years. I started waking up super dizzy and after my doctor could find no reason, I started my research which led me to check my morning oxygen saturation. I was waking up below 88%. A further search led me to read Patrick’s book and using the techniques he advocates, including taping my mouth at night. Within a few weeks my oxygen saturation was back to normal, but I noticed my running performance was better and my mental state on the golf course was very calm.

I teach a proprietary process called Bio-Visual Focus for golf which melds the mental side of golf into the golf swing and the Oxygen Advantage techniques further improved upon the results my clients experience when incorporated into the program.

I also work with other veterans fighting anxiety and PTSD. Oxygen Advantage has been instrumental in helping with their issues.

People I work with are athletes looking for a performance edge and better focus. I also work with Veterans fighting the demons of anxiety and PTSD.

I am located in Southwest Florida. Give me a call or email me to see if I may be able to help.

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