Trausti Hrafnsson


  • Iceland



I am a trained physiotherapist and sports instructor. For the past few years, I have been having trouble sleeping and experiencing lack of energy. I have tried various methods to improve this.

When I started using Oxygen Advantage methods, I finally started to find real changes. My sleep was much better, my energy level went up and also my concentration. I’m going to add these methods to my toolbox as a physiotherapist and in the training of athletes. Slowing down your breathing and breathing through your nose is a simple intervention that everyone should be able to adopt and radically change their well-being along the way.

Suitable for many people ranging from individuals who have difficulty concentrating, have asthma, suffer from anxiety to high-performance athletes who want to improve their maximum performance by improving oxygen uptake in the lungs and muscles.

Facebook Work: Máttur sjúkraþjálfun ehf

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