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Founder, Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP), Certified Brain & Breath Coach, and Speaker 

Troy discovered his love for naturopathic and functional medicine after several health issues growing up as a kid which included stomach problems, eye surgeries, ear surgeries, and several medications, following 15 years of exploration, including: 10 years in Corporate America and 5 years in agriculture technology. 

While creating culture programs for a $2B insurance company and impacted the lives of thousands, Troy really honed in to his passion for helping.  Most importantly, helping people discover the best in themselves and enjoy every minute of it.  He left the Company with this message: “Life is too short. Choose a path worth living for!”

Through periods of self-discovery and meditation, Troy began learning more about health, food health, and farming.  First, educating himself on food systems and where food comes from, to ultimately creating two agriculture technology companies. Both focusing on improving local food systems and creating awareness and support for small to mid size organic/regenerative farms in several communities across the U.S. 

Troy now is excited to wake up every day with a vision to lead a world class naturopathic and functional medicine practice to help millions heal by rebalancing their mind, heart, spirit, and body to feel alive again!

Troy’s life changed drastically when he discovered the work of Dr. Stephen Cabral and his international best selling book: The Rain Barrel Effect.  And, the work of Dr. Daniel Amen at Amen Clinics around functional brain health. 

In a few short years, Troy received certifications in Brain Health from Amen University, Functional Breathing from Oxygen Advantage, and Integrative Health Practitioner from the IHP Institute

The learnings of these disciplines and his on-going studies has allowed for the creation of a practice centered around mind, heart, spirit and body of which encompasses the concept of NeuroEndoImmunology (brain health, nervous system health, and immune health).

Troy speed reads at least a book a week to achieve mastery as a functional medicine practitioner and soon to be Naturopathic Doctor.  

Interested in mastering your reading? Checkout this short 1 minute video on how to calculate your reading speed and speed read a book a week!

Troy is excited and grateful to gift this expertise to others to help them:

“Rebalance their mind, heart, spirit, & body to feel alive again!” 

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