Vaishali Iyer


  • Singapore



Vaishali Iyer is a movement and meditation teacher based in Singapore. The core of her work is embodiment coaching—connecting people with the feeling and experience of their body through sensation, emotion, intuition, touch and movement—for better health, well-being, creativity, self-awareness and spiritual development. Vaishali is trained in numerous approaches, including: hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga; the somatic movement approaches of Laban/Bartenieff and Body-Mind Centering; Total Immersion swimming and Instinctive Meditation. She has over a decade of experience teaching in studios and coaching private clients.

Vaishali discovered the Oxygen Advantage after several years exploring yogic pranayama and somatic breath practices, and found it to be the ‘missing link’ in her understanding of breathing. She now uses the Oxygen Advantage method in conjunction with movement and meditation in her own personal practice, as well as in group sessions, workshops and 1-1 coaching. Vaishali works with youth (14+) and adults, both online and face-to-face, to help people craft a personalised breathwork practice that supports their needs and enhances their quality of life. She has a special passion for integrating breathwork with embodied and meditative practices.

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