Vanessa Klaas


  • Switzerland


Vanessa decided to lift her passion for sports, fitness training, and movement on a professional level.
From her own experience, she has learned how a strong body can help prevent pain and injury and how sports affect your self-confidence and mental well-being.
After reaching a training plateau for herself, she went on a journey to seek new training approaches and found neuro-athletics and breathing that changed her life. While working with clients as a nutritional coach and neuro-athletic trainer, she observed that the ONE thing that is effective for every client is breathing.
This experience motivated her to extend and deepen her knowledge on breathing through the Oxygen Advantage certification. Wishing that someone had taught her about breathing when she was a teenager, Vanessa is passionate about re-educating functional breathing.
She is experienced in various sports, especially fencing, rowing, long-distance running, triathlon, and hiking.
“Coaching means to me more than training and teaching. We work together so that you can reach where you want to go. I am providing methods and solutions that work for you and support you on your journey!”

Contact Vanessa if you want to optimize your performance in sports or everyday life, boost your well-being, or shift your mindset through sports.
Happy to work with you online or face-to-face if you live in the area of Zurich – Zug – Lucerne, Switzerland.

Everyone is an athlete!

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