Vanya Atanasova


  • Bulgaria



My passion for breathwork is born from my own personal experience. As a small child I suffered from severe bronchitis on a frequent basis, and this has left an imprint on my health for the past several decades. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of not being able to breathe properly through my nose and experiencing a debilitating shortness of breath, negatively impacting my physical and mental health.

I myself was dysfunctional at breathing, reading “The Oxygen Advantage” changed how I view breathing and its importance in all of our lives. During the course of my reading, I was surprised to learn how many of us around the world are living with hidden (or visible) breathing issues that negatively impact our physical and mental health, sleep, and overall performance in life. This revelation, combined with my own personal experience with breathing dysfunction has inspired me to embark upon this journey and become a qualified breathwork instructor, so that I may help others by educating them about the importance of functional breathing techniques and how they can be utilized to live a better, healthier life.

In my courses you will learn how to use your breath as a tool to support your mental and physical health, as well as boost your overall performance and well-being. I truly believe that breathing exercises can, and will positively change your life. Let me show you how. Contact details above.

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