Vedran Vucko


  • Australia


Vedran is an IT professional, working as an IT Solutions Architect in the Brisbane based consulting company, and a Yoga teacher for internationally recognised System Yoga In Daily Life.
He is passionate about improving the quality of life as well as physical performance.
From a young age, he had a problem with allergies which strongly impacted the quality of his breathing. Sometimes to the degree that he needed to be hospitalised to get breathing support.
Years of yoga practice improved the situation and the Oxygen Advantage techniques were the ultimate tool to get it under control.

Based on his Yoga knowledge and passion for breathing, he created the Aligned In Vitality Method, a unique blend of modern breathing practices together with the yogic science of Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Oxygen Advantage techniques are an important part of the method.

The Aligned In Vitality Method provides support in two areas:
* Helping busy professionals to deal with stress, have more energy, better sleep and be more productive and focused. Being a busy professional for most of his life, Vedran understands the challenges that lifestyle brings and how we can overcome them using the right techniques
* Achieving peak sports performance – increasing energy and endurance by focusing on recovery. Sport has been part of Vedran’s life since a young age, and finding a way to enhance performance is his passion. The key is in improving the body’s ability to get back into homeostasis quicker.

He is based in Brisbane, Australia, open for In-Person consultations and workshops as well as Online consultations.

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