Velina Bobcheva Onissiforou


  • Cyprus
Oxygen Advantage Instructor in Cyprus
Operating out of Cyprus, Velina is an Oxygen Advantage Instructor with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She was born and raised in Bulgaria into a family of athletes and is a former acrobatic gymnastics athlete herself.

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Velina’s CV is impressive. In addition to being an Oxygen Advantage Instructor, she is also an expert instructor in Joint Mobility, Stott Pilates Certified (Mat, Reformer, Injuries and Special Population) and TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training. She also considers herself a Yoga Student, because in Yoga you never stop learning. She trains clients in both small group classes and individual sessions. She dedicates her time and expertise to help people determine and awaken their posture in a direction orientated relationship with gravity, help them gain agility, eliminate pain, all with long lasting results.

Effective Breathing Exercise Techniques
Velina has found that the above methods and techniques, while effective, often were limited by the day to day life that her clients engaged in. While immediate results were excellent, they often slipped back into bad posture or experienced pain or discomfort and therefore would have to start from the beginning.
Incorporating Oxygen Advantage Breathing exercises into her profession, Velina found that there were no longer any external factors sabotaging the progress of clients and the long-lasting results were excellent.

Positive Oxygen Advantage Effects
Embracing Oxygen Advantage has been shown to have positive effects on the lives of many individuals. Some of the serious ailments (all related with dysfunctional breathing patterns) that proper breathing may have positive effects on include:

• Diabetes ( improving circulation)
• Rhinitis and allergies
• High Blood Pressure
• Panic Attacks
• Various Spinal issues
• Sleep disorder breathing and obstructive apnea
• Breathlessness during physical exercise
• Exercise- induced asthma
• Anxiety and concentration problems

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to the large range of ailments that oxygen breathing methods and techniques can positively affect.

Velina is an expert Oxygen Advantage Instructor in Larnaka Cyprus. Contact Velina for free consultation and get your homework to replace old patterns (Posture, Breathing and basic movements) with new. See how she can help improve your quality of life!

You need to reprogram the homework to reinforce you with new healthy habits.

It is effective when it becomes a Lifestyle.

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