Verena Gittner
Egypt, Switzerland


  • Egypt
  • Switzerland

Hi, I’m Verena.

I’m a physical therapist, breathwork teacher and a science based Holistic Health coach originally from Germany, but living and teaching all over the world (mainly Mexico, Portugal, and Bali).

I help you to understand where you are and to figure out what particular goals you’re trying to pursue.

Your overall well-being and how well you feel after certain behaviors isn’t governed by any one behavior, it’s governed by a number of different factors, and what works best for you.
Let´s figure it out together.

I help you to understand the mechanism so that you’re going to be in a better position to incorporate these tools to teach these tools to others and modify them as your life circumstances change.

I became an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor to add another brick to offer an holistic solution.

Furthermore, I have special knowledge in women health, tuning in and living in align with your cycle.

I help busy entrepreneurs, managers and coaches go from feeling sleep-deprived, stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious to feeling calm, energized, and focus.
In my individual and group programs, clients discover science based tools and techniques to enhance their physical, mental & emotional well-being. You´ll learn how to regulate your nervous system and emotions, and access flow states at will.

My work and teachings are based in modern science and psychology, it is trauma-informed and for all experience levels.

I teach and coach both online and offline (Germany and worldwide).

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