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My name is Verity and I have been a yoga teacher and movement therapist for nearly 20 years. My youngest students are 3 olds and my oldest is currently 89. I love teaching 1-1 but I have also done many large corporate events and I run a company bringing yoga and movement to schools.

On this journey I have become addicted to learning about functional movement and health, having also trained with Gary Wards AIM, Foot Function, Somatic movement, FMS, Pelvis Health and conscious breathing.  Breath work and mind body movement connection never cease to blow my mind with every individual I work with and on my own journey to healing my health issues.

Over the years I realised that something was missing from the breathing taught in yoga; it didn’t seem to help everyone and sometimes made things worse so finding Oxygen Advantage has been a lightbulb moment in a much deeper understanding and now I feel very confident that I can tailor it to each individual depending on their ANS and C02 sensitivity. Patrick’s method has also made a huge difference to my health as I realised I have been hyperventilating through the difficult periods in my life.

I have a special interest in breath and movement for anxiety, grief, depression and CFS – all of which I have experienced first hand and also have a special interest in breathing for women during their cycles and menopause.


I am based in West London and I see clients online and in person.

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