Vernon Brown
United States of America


  • United States of America


  • OREM- UT
I have been a personal trainer and health coach since 2012. I specialize in body, and lifestyle, transformations through the use of weight training, nutrition and breath work.

My personal training is focused on teaching anatomy of muscles and execution of exercises so the client can perform at a high level, in a safe manner.  My weight training education background includes NASM, NESTA and N1 Education.

Nutrition and functional breathing is natures medicine. Integrating proper nutrition and breathing practices gives the ability for us to heal and function at our highest level.  My nutritional education background includes NASM, N1 education and Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Using breath work in my meditative practices, and during weight training sessions, showed to be powerful and helpful which lead me to integrating the Oxygen Advantage into my practice.

My ideal client is one who is open to learning, and integrating, practices to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

I coach clients across the globe via zoom/FaceTime and face to face in Utah and surrounding states.

I can be contacted via email and Instagram (see below).

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