Vincent Krauss


  • Canada



Vincent is a breathwork instructor. His breathwork journey started in a search to help treat stress, depression, and anxiety. He found that breathwork can reach a deeper state of mind and body connection. While in this state, you are able to access buried emotions, angers, and traumas, and ultimately release these emotions and their grip on your life.

Vincent is a certified Wim Hof method instructor, and Oxygen Advantage® instructor currently based out of Calgary, AB, and works with all types of individuals from professional athletes to people just looking to improve their day to day health. Vincent has been working with athletes to improve breathing patterns, help with pre-game anxiety and also to improve overall sport performance.

He offers workshops, group training, corporate team building, and one-on-one consultations in person and online remotely around the world via Zoom.

Vincent and his wife Leanna Krauss started with the goal to improve their health and wellbeing through exercise, yoga and breathwork.

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