Vincenzo Rago
United Arab Emirates


  • United Arab Emirates


  • AL AIN
I am originally from Salerno, Italy but I am currently based in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi area, United Arab Emirates. Experiencing a restriction in the right side of the diaphragm myself, which results in breathing and postural dysfunction, the opportunity to work as OA instructor inspired me to dig into physiology of breathing, to heal myself and the others. I teach breathing and movement biomechanics to either athletes or general population, in this moment only online.

I have regularly dealt with sports and exercise science since my childhood, throughout my academic and professional pathway. I obtained my PhD in Sport science from the University of Porto in 2019. My experience has been mostly developed in football, with an emphasis on applying principles of biomechanics and physiology. However, during the last 10 years, I have covered different roles including team strength & conditioning coach and sport scientist across in different populations, professional standards, and countries (Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, and currently in the UAE). Additionally, I have advised different research projects related to sports performance among different universities. The privilege of having studied in different institutions and lived in different countries (currently based in the UAE) made me an open-minded person and a prepared professional for the contemporary needs of sports and health sectors. My academic experience resulted in an ability to produce and interpret scientific evidence, leading to the production of ˃40 scientific articles, mostly covering physical performance and physiological aspects of team sports players. I fluently speak English, Spanish, Portuguese in addition to Italian (native).

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