Vítek Novotný
Czech Republic


  • Czech Republic


  • BRNO
Sports and movement enthusiast from Brno, Czech Republic. Over 13 years I trained and competed in Karate on the national and international level. After I received a black belt I started to train Muay Thai and later BJJ. Through yoga, I`ve got to the breathing work and almost immediately fallen in love because they helped me to go through hard times in my life and I`ve received a lot of benefits from them. I’ve studied pranayama, free diving, Wim Hof Method and so on. I have rich experience with cold exposure and I am a member of the winter swimming club in Brno. In 2017 I discovered the Oxygen Advantage Method and after implementing it to my training and daily life I`ve achieved tremendous results, so I decided to become the instructor and spread this method into the world.

I strongly believe that with using simple breathing techniques we can make huge positives changes in our lives – be healthier, have more energy, lessen the stress, be able to get better our performance and much much more. Please, if you would have some questions, feel free to contact me.

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