Vivekananth Padmanabhan


  • India


From Chennai, India, Vivekananth is an academic specialized in computer science who has been teaching for 10 years in universities in Uganda, Nigeria, Botswana, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

He is a fitness enthusiast and trainer, and has just completed Oxygen Advantage® Instructor training in April 2019 in London, UK with Patrick McKeown and Gray Caws. He is the first certified Oxygen Advantage® instructor in India.

Vivekananth believes that physical fitness has different components and effective breathing is the most critical component in physical fitness and efficient breathing is integral in managing stress.
He aspires to teach the Oxygen Advantage® breathing technique in organizations, colleges and fitness centers where the functional breathing and high altitude training of Oxygen Advantage® can add a new dimension to physical fitness.

Vivekananth is also a certified Chi running / Chi walking Instructor since February 2018.

He is life coach / facilitator and completed a PSYCH-K facilitator workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa in June 2018.
Vivekananth is a certified soft skills trainer and trains students and professionals in soft skills such as communication, team building, stress management and interpersonal skills.

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