Vlad Petean


  • Romania
Hy! I am from Cluj-Napoca, I am a former professional football player to whom injuries opened the door to medical rehabilitation.

I currently work with adolescents and adults who have suffered from injuries or have degenerative musculoskeletal disorders. My goal is to help them move better, gain healthier habits and understand the basics of their movement in a holistic manner in order to managetheir pain easier.

A few years ago, I realized that breathing has a major implication in the recovery of patients with spine disorders. Moreover, I became aware that a better posture improves breathing and vice versa. On top of that, while becoming an FSM instructor, I learned that breathing improves the manifestations of respiratory allergies. Myself, with a seasonal antihistamine-dependent rhinitis, I have not taken any pills since I started practicing Oxygen Advantage. It has changedmy life both personally and professionally.

As for the future, I want to improve further the quality of life of my patients and help them be more aware of their body. Also, I would like to help any person who was forced to adopt a sedentary life but feels the need to take care of his body.

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