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My name is Wibbs and I am coronary care and A&E nurse of 16 years, yoga teacher, Personal training and movement therapist. I have Explored the breath and the physiology of the breath within both the medical model as a nurse and as a yoga teacher in a more esoteric manner.

Over time I have dived deeper into the connection of the two and have been using the knowledge gained from the oxygen advantage to work with Professional athletes at an elite level (English heavy weight boxers and championship football teams) along with general populations too. With my nursing back ground this has included clients with a history of coronary heart disease through to Pulmonary conditions like COPD/emphysema as well as anxiety and depression.

I use the connection of breath and body within my movement therapy to help move more effectively and efficiently with better biomechanics and physiology. I am based in Suffolk, just outside Ipswich in the UK and see clients in person as well as online. I am happy to see both pro/amateur athletes along with any one just looking to understand themselves better and move/breath to their very best.

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