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Wintergreen, at 74, stumbled across the Oxygen Advantage® when searching for better breathing skills while running. After working through the Oxygen Advantage® course for athletes, she decided to become an instructor. As a Naturopath Body-worker for over 45 years, she has worked with many sports injuries and performance improvement. The Oxygen Advantage® opened up the world of improving breathing for all athletes.

She lives on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington, New Zealand for part of the year, and also in Mazatlan, Mexico. She works with informal athletic groups, sports teams and individuals with both Oxygen Advantage® and Buteyko skills because some athletes have breathing issues that need to be addressed applying the Buteyko skills in an individual manner. Wintergreen’s email reflects her years of work with pregnancy and birth. Wintergreen provides local and online consultations for both Oxygen Advantage® and the Buteyko Method.

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