Yafim Waiz


  • Israel



Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor

I started down the amazing path to the world of therapy in 1998.  Years of playing sports and a keen proclivity for the study of anatomy and physiology drew me further and further to the field of touch therapy.

By the end of my first year of studying massage therapy I understood that providing therapy and helping others was my calling.  So, I took additional courses with the goal of expanding my knowledge and personal experience and to acquire the most therapeutic tools to help me treat a wide variety of patients.

My many years of Air Force military service, maintaining one of the most advanced pilot systems in the world, have shaped and strengthened my character and qualities in the constant pursuit of knowledge, attention to detail, striving for continuous improvement and perfection, as well as studying and learning from mistakes. These guide me today as a therapist.

Through my personal journey, I became aware of the enormous significance breathing has on our overall health and quality of life.  After a systematic study of precise and adapted breathing, with self-practice and diligence I saw the change it brought about in me in so many ways. I knew I needed more extensive training on the subject.  This tool we all take for granted – breathing – is not used optimally, affecting our health and the quality of our lives… I integrate training for proper breathing as part of my therapist’s toolbox.

Happily, I have found my calling, “to love what I do and do what I love” and I am grateful for the great privilege of helping others.  I find deep satisfaction in doing this and have a strong desire to continue along this path.

I am a complementary medicine practitioner using natural treatment methods based on Western integrative medicine. I am an expert in orthopedic movement rehabilitation using the Trigger Point Therapy approach, structural integration using the ATSI Anatomy Trains Structural Integration approach, myofascial release techniques according to Anatomy Trains – myofascial release, fascicum, kinesio-taping, and I am a medical massage Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor.

I have served for years as an assistant instructor in the ATSI Anatomy Trains Structural Integration training course.

The wide variety of treatment methods I use allows me to respond to a wide range of pathologies and medical symptoms, improve movement, relieve both chronic and acute pain, treat injuries, and provide ongoing care and health maintenance. I use these methods to treat athletes for care and maintenance, to shorten recovery times for injuries, and to improve performance.

I teach one on one and online.

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