Yulia Golubeva


  • Russia



To obtain a position as a sports physician at EMC clinic and clinic “Dinamica”, where I can apply my skills and experience to achieve success in the field of athlete health, women’s health, and the use of breathing techniques to improve sports performance, reduce pain after injury and chronic pelvic pain, as well as assist women in childbirth.

– Medical University, 2005-20011
– Specialization: Sports Medicine
– Degree: Doctor of Medicine

Work Experience:
– EMC Sports Medicine Center, 2012-Present
– Sports Physician
– Responsibilities:
– Working with professional athletes after injury and surgery, developing individual recovery programs
– Counseling women on women’s health issues and treating chronic pelvic pain
– Teaching athletes breathing techniques to improve performance and reduce pain

– Hospital “Dinamica”, 2016-Present
– Medical Intern
– Responsibilities:
– Assisting in surgeries and postoperative care
– Counseling patients on health and rehabilitation

– Extensive experience working with professional athletes after injury and surgery
– In-depth knowledge of women’s health and treatment of chronic pelvic pain
– Ability to apply breathing techniques to improve sports performance and reduce pain
– Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team

Language Skills:
– Russian: Native
– English: Fluent

Personal Qualities:
– Responsible and dedicated to my profession
– Attentive to detail and accurate in my work
– Ability to work effectively under pressure

– Available upon request

– Resume
– Copies of diplomas and certificates
– Letters of recommendation

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