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Yuliya Gulmi is a Master in Therapeutic Qigong (Chinese energetic medicine), with over 10 years of experience, offering qigong therapy and classes privately and at an integrative health clinic, in person and remotely. Qigong, translated as energy skill, teaches to perceive, transport and transform energy. Qigong helps release stagnant, excess energy and nourishes deficient energy, while eliminating negative and cultivating virtuous aspects of health and life. Yuliya helps clients experience healing and empowerment on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Breathing practices are one of the cornerstones of qigong. The Oxygen Advantage method and Eastern breathing practices synergistically complement each other. They represent the scientific and practical approach combined with spiritual and philosophical methods – a fusion of science and art that creates a coherent approach to breathing and energy cultivation.

Profile: Practitioner, Therapist and Master of Medical Qigong (China) – the Temple of the Tranquil Earth; BS Economics Santa Clara University; MBA Wharton University of Pennsylvania; interests include Daoism and Daoist arts, meditation, plant-based nutrition, mind maps, emotional release techniques, Tarot, freediving, travel, yoga, and cooking. 

Email me at [email protected].  Find more information at weqigong.com and ygulmi on Instagram.

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