Zilvinas Gruodis


  • Lithuania



My trip started with a martial art that was focused on a breathing and a movement to create a flow and a power, later it led me to discover cold and Wim Hof Method that I was practicing for 3 years before decided to become an instructor and dive deeper in to it. Because of that I’ve met a lot of people that have devoted their life to study breathing and a breathwork. That led me to buying an Oxygen Advantage book about 2 years ago and after using that knowledge on myself, decided to move back to my country and share that knowledge back home to counter depression, breathing disorders and bunch of other autoimmune diseases by using Oxygen Advantage and Wim Hof Method together.

I teach now all over Lithuania and I work with athletes (Mainly basketball players or fighters) to help them to reach their maximum, with people that has a certain conditions like asthma or other lung conditions, a weekend warriors and an average Joe to improve their day to day life and get them moving and loving to move.

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